Www vs non www on SEO


Which is best option www.example.com or example.com to choose in search console?

  • Is this shows the impact on SEO?

  • And which is best-targeted country?


You can get some idea from here - https://www.bjornjohansen.no/www-or-not

  1. Both are best. www has little advantage (mentioned in above link).
  2. There is no impact on SEO.
  3. See point 2.


Fortunately, both have nothing to do with the blog SEO at all. So nothing to worry at all.


As Gulshan already said there’s no impact on SEO however I’ll still advice to go for non www.

Just think of yourself how many webpages you visit and write with a www before it?


www.example.com or example.com both are good, but some users search with www that time also site will load, in that case your content will chance to duplicate. So Please use canonical tag to indicate your site identity.


Both are good. You can choose either any of them. But whatever you choose stick it with and make sure you make a 301 redirect.
IMO, go with www