WordPress Theme Advise for Images Website



Theme(free) suggestion for creating a static page that looks like the image(upload here). Where should I spend time and energy to create a page that shows clickable images. Should I go for theme or page builder


Go for generatepress/Schema and only for this purpose, a visual builder is not required but if you are not good with coding then page builders are the only option!


Than I will go with page builder. Can you suggest me page builder. Currently I was using elementor page builder. But i was not satisfied with it.


I have used visual compose, Elementor and Divi.

Elementor is good and get most of the things done but if you want you can try beaver builder also. Visual composer is also good but it is a little heavy.

You can also try Elementor premium as its free version do not provide a lot of customizations.


Yes @Saksham_Kumar Free version has lot of limitation.


You will not find any complete theme which may satisfy your requirement. If you really want this site to be good, custom coding is needed.


coding language PHP and HTML both? However I know little bit about HTML.


You can not create such a huge website just using HTML.
You need to use PHP or any other server side scripting language.
But if you want a website as per the modern standards, the things needed to be used are:
PHP HTML CSS Frameworks. (Bootstrap) Javascript (Jquery)
As you said, you just a little bit of HTML, i would suggest you to hire a developer.


I’m thinking the same. Hiring a developer is the best option for me.


I can connect with you one who is based out of India and does a good job. If you need, You can PM for his contact details…


I asked a friend about which one out of these two you will recommend - Beaver builder or Elementor pro.
His answer was -

Elementor pro is frequently developed which is great but for a longer run (for a blog like SML) I would suggest beaver builder, which is equally good.

Whats your view on this @Saksham_Kumar


I am in some groups where members are from agencies or developers and somebody asked a similar question. The answer was Elementor pro followed by Divi. They use these for all of their clients sites.

Divi is good for one-page type of websites while Elementor pro offers dynamic elements as well so it can be used for a lot of things and is not very heavy.

But I haven’t used beaver yet… Will try it soon. :sweat_smile:


Then, I will go with Beaver builder. Thanks for adding value. Literally, It makes my confusion clear.


Thanks for advise @denharsh . I would let you know when I needed your hands.:slight_smile:


Id recommend a page builder to keep things easier but up to you ! :smile:


Page builder is only the last option, thanks for suggestion. @Chloe_Sellene