Which tool is using by this guy?

(Divesh Diggiwal #WTP) #1

Sorry for off topic.

But i know there are some youtubers also so i am asking about this.

Which tool is using by this guy in his youtube videos.

How can we create this kind of videos.

(Shafi Khan) #2

Even I have the same question. I havs watched his few videos and he really managed to create amazing videos.

I’ll see if I can get an answer from him.

(Divesh Diggiwal #WTP) #3

Really Shafi, his video editing is amazing and he creates and describe videos precisely.

(FforFree) #4

He is using Adobe Captivate

(Santosh kumar biswal) #5

Yap probably adobe cc/pr

(Prasha Nt Ra Jput) #6

Can anyone tell me… How can i ask my questuon at this forum
Therw is no option related to asking a question.

(Divesh Diggiwal #WTP) #7

Thanks @Santoshkumar123, @Kanth_King

(myilraj) #8

Look at the top right section of the homepage and you can see a button “New Topic”.
Click the button to ask your question.