Which is the Best Premium SEO Plugin

(M.Imran Nazish) #1

Hi Shouters,
I searched for best premium seo plugins to purchase, but I found many plugins and I am confused about which one I buy. Do have any suggestions?? Currently I plan to go for MONARCH Social plugin. Please share your views about this plugin.

M Imran

(:)) #2

Just produce quality articles? I never used seo plugins. :smile:

(Nitish Gongala) #3

You can get the job done with a free SEO plugin like Yoast SEO.

(M.Imran Nazish) #4

Oppss Shit My BAD, Title was written wrong it was Best Premium Social Plugins (Sorry guys :()

(M.Imran Nazish) #5

Thank u … Actually mistakenly I write title wrong. I need help to choose Best Premium Social Plugin Nitish.

(M.Imran Nazish) #6

Mekong thank. I have done something wrong here. I need help for choosing Social Plugin but wrongly I text it SEO plugin. So, please your suggestions???

(:)) #7

Sorry I never use seo plugins, don’t need them. Prefer a strong car rather then one with a modified engine.

(Nitish Gongala) #8

Social plugins that do what?
Display your social counter?
Get this - http://codecanyon.net/item/arqam-retina-responsive-wordpress-social-counter-plugin/5085289

(M.Imran Nazish) #9

Thank you Nitish. :slight_smile: you really shared a nice plugin

(Coupon Boat) #10

Try Mashshare Social Sharing Buttons

(M.Imran Nazish) #11

Thanks Rahul for sharing this plugin.

(Shouter) #13

Monarch Social Plugin is not an SEO plugin.

Which premium plugin you want to install depends on your requirements.

Do you want it for On-page or Off-Page or both?

Install Yoast SEO and download SEO Spider in your PC to do your analyze your site tags, links etc.


(Mehul Batra) #14

WordPress SEO is a best free SEO plugin for WordPress.
Add meta value for homepage
Add meta value for single post
Social SEO
Create sitemap file
Control indexing of your blog

(sanu) #16

These are very old threads and the op isn’t active. You should make your own website for affiliates marketing