Which ad network is working out for you?

(Harsh Agrawal) #1

Hey Shouters
1)Which ad network is lately working out for you?
Have you tried something other than AdSense or Media.net and it’s paying good?
2) Any influencer marketing platform you using to get branded deals for blog, YouTube, social media?

Let’s use this opportunity to find some not well known ad networks and platforms which pays like the top once.

(Most Active Member of the Month) #2

Hey @denharsh,
I am not using Any Ad Network, no one benefits me in my niche.
Only Affiliate Marketing is working for me. And I have never tried anything else.

But I will try.
Can you suggest me some, other that what you shared in AdSense Alternative Posts on SML forum.

(Panchal Antonees) #3


I tried adsense on my site inpeaks.com which is just one and half year old. I understand that it gives a very small amount. May be because that the competition is heavy in the internet. Instead i am using Media.net on my site based on your recommendation. That too just for the sake of having a few ads to attract a few visitors.

Successful bloggers are in the opinion to sell your own digital products through the site. It has more favorable outcome. However i am additionally using contentexchange.me, amazon and content.ad,Zergnet on my site. So at least focus is on the content than on the ads in the site. Please share your views. thanks

(Harsh Agrawal) #4



  1. What kind of ads do they show?
  2. Hows earning and have you got paid from them yet?
  3. How’s Dashboard and overall experience?

(Moderator) #5

Media.net is a pure garbage. The support team is clueless, they had contacted me for a potential partnership but the clueless support could not figure how to monetize my blog, and after 7 days they sent me an email asking why I have not installed their ads :confounded:

My friends from the US told me that they are racist as they don’t approve non-Indian blogs.

After AdSense scammed me $470, I’m working with PubGalaxy. So far, not even close to AdSense but they believe it will do better in the coming days. I’ll keep applying for AdSense alternatives.

(Professional Blogger) #6

Nothing is better than adsense. No one (even media.net) does’nt pay 10% of adsense. I have checked 28 ad networks on my blog.

(Harsh Agrawal) #7

Which all ad networks have you tested?
have you found anything worth sharing?

(Harsh Agrawal) #8

Oh! That’s terrible.
Whats unique about Pubgalaxy?
Is it from India or international? Have you got paid from them?
Any other notable ad network that we should know about?

(Moderator) #9

Excellent support team that cares about the publishers more than any other company. It is a CPM ad network with all premium solutions including header bidding.

It is a European company.

Sovrn. It used to be amazing before layoff.

(Professional Blogger) #10

I have done a lot of experiments on ads in last 6 years. I earn $4500 per month from adsense but when I used other ad networks results were:
Media.net - $80-110
Content.ad - $48
Chitika - $65
Ad Clark - $35 - Force mobile visitors to install apps and doesn’t pay for that (cheating)
Ad Combo - $28
Adsterra - $21
Infolinks - $88
Livebrust - $50
Adtear - CPM $0.06 -Very low
Adoptimal - Not payed my $45
Native ads - $12
hilltopads -$18
Admarketing.com - No payout - Added his own bank account to account section (cheating)
RevanueHits - $27
Adhitz - Very low CPM - $0.01
…and many others those data was not saved.
I have checked these ad networks one by one with adsense. Some of them cause speed issue and affect adsense earnings by decreasing CPC like media.net. When I removed media.net ads from my blog adsense earnings increased 4 times I was earning from media.net.

After checking these all ad networks I can conclude that these ad networks are created to earn money only not for publishers. They pay very little amount to the publishers. All are useless and fake except adsense.

(Panchal Antonees) #11

When content.ad approves your site they give widgets that can be placed in the following areas:

  1. Below content
  2. Exit pop
  3. Mobile slide up
  4. Side rail and
  5. Slideshow
    In the beginning they were giving their sponsored content links which i felt is no way connected to the site contents. So i gave custom sources to link back to the site contents. If you want to check you may hover your mouse on the exit button of the window. You have to do it when you are in one of the posts in the site. It is just one month old, so i cannot give an answer about the income. The dashboard is good and robust. It works seamlessly.

(Panchal Antonees) #12

Your site will be approved before Content Exchange can give you scripts to be used in your site’s widgets. The purpose of this mechanism is to exchange content among different websites. If your site gives 5 clicks to their partner content, then they will make sure that your content gets 5 clicks back to your content.

This service does not pay you but gives click to your content based on the clicks you give to their content.

(morshi skii) #13

They didn’t scam you :grimacing:

(Moderator) #14

Well they did, and they also replied with the details of invalid traffic/activity. The detail that they provided was pure bull shit. I replied them with a proof.

They said the invalid activity was from mobile, and pointed out two ad units. I proved (by showing performance report) that the two ad unit does not even exists on mobile. It’s been one week and they have stopped replying.


(Ajay Malik) #15

Infolink’s work better when we use inarticle + tags + (0-5)link per page . with these setting it didn’t affect user experience so much.
Adsense and media.net work perfectly for my niches with US, UK traffic.
I’m trying to apply for ad network like carbonads.net.

(Waled Ibn Ibrahim Munker) #16

Can you share with us your Adsense earning proof and your blogging niches!

(FforFree) #17

Media.net was great before the sale for close $1 billion, after that its going down to garbage…

(Professional Blogger) #18

No need to prove.

(Lea Frydman) #19

I’ve been with media.net for 5 years now at a time when they invited sites to join… in the first years I did well… from there on it was all downhill… because the just did have the quality of ads and all ads were the same on all pages… this year I have earned 4 dollars that is one dollar a month… as I am owed from previous months … I will stick with them until I get my final payment and will delete all ads but not my account…

(Lea Frydman) #20

Thanks for your advice… I have since deleted media.net from my site… fingers crossed that will increase my adsense earnings… will notify you if that happens…