Where to Get Writers for my Blog?

(Dheeraj Kumar) #1

Hello Guys,

I have created a Blog+News site SuperHeroFC.com for Marvel Fans and I want to know that from where can I get writers for my site.

I am ready to Pay(but should be cheap)

Can I copy other Big site’s content for Some posts? (I will give complete credit and won’t show show complete post, for viewing full post user will have to go to other site)

And, Is this Logo Good?

SuperHeroFC Favicon

SuperHeroFC Logo 2

(Blogs Virals) #2

you able to get writer on freelancer website like fiver

(Shafi Khan) #3

Don’t complain later that you got cheap quality articles with lots of grammar mistakes and ripped off from other sites.

That’s not a good idea. You may face problems when applying for AdSense. Get inspiration from them and write your own article in your own style.

Looks good but doesn’t go with the header background of your blog.

(Peter) #4

You can hire freelancers on upwork.com, that’s a good place to hire with acceptable price.

(meenatchi) #5

1.Create an ad on Craigslist by listing your requirements and approximate rate you will offer. I’m sure you will get a bunch of replies.
2. Try posting on Reddit forum… there is some subreddit like Hire a writer… not sure about the exact name…

(Abdul Razak) #6

This guy is copying article from other website :


(Dheeraj Kumar) #8

Yup, I already said thatand asked for the same in question

(Sahil Sharma) #9

Do remove those copied content dude. Thats unethical and illegal

(Abdul Razak) #10

You got Adsense with copied content ? I think Google started using weed. They never accept copied content to use with Adsense.

(Dheeraj Kumar) #11

ok bro.I am removing these

(Vikas) #12

You can try [contentmart.com.]

I am using this. Here you can easily get .20 paisa per word article.

If you are satisfied then pay otherwise got refund. :blush:

(Prashant R) #13

after visiting your website, there was immediate notification of subscibtion, that annoys visitors. make it delay if possible.

(Saksham Kumar) #14

We can share affiliate links here… ?? :thinking:

(sanu) #15

Cleaver tricks…:sweat_smile:

(Vikas) #16

If your brother can earn something by telling truth then I think it will be great for you also… :sunglasses:

Really, I am using contentmart and got awesome article at 20 ppw.

(Saksham Kumar) #17

Okay, brother!! I didn’t know that by telling truth we can share affiliate links in return… :roll_eyes: Thank you for telling us that! :hugs::smiley:

(Sahil Sharma) #18

Affiliate links are not allowed in the forum. Please donot make use of them in future

(Vikas) #19

Ok… Sure :hugs:

(Vikas) #20

Welcome :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Golam Rabbani) #21

You may hire freelancer from Upwork or Freelancer. Fiverr is cheaper but not quality work so I don’t recommend it.

By the way, I am a freelance content writer and can write 100% seo friendly article which will love search engine and rank faster.