What's the difference between Cloud and Shared Hosting

(myilraj) #24

Hi @Abhishek_Pathak

Don’t confuse, if your blog traffic is less than 1K try some shared hosting for the time being.
Slowly, with increase in traffic, you move to VPS.
Regarding Cloud Vs Physical hosting: I would suggest you to go with physically located server.
LEARN THE SOFTWARE included in them at the same time work on your blog to improve your traffic.

Later you think move on to cloud. I was in this field more than 8Years, still I am using Physically located dedicated server and it’s better for me.
I am using Cloudflare and MaxCDN to POP throughout the world. It’s better than Cloudhosting.

Cloudhosting is best for businesses and second option for bloggers.

(Arihant Tripathi) #25

As per my point of view cloud hosting is quit cheaper because of pseudo-virtualization and it’s using OpenVZ.

(WP-Admin) #26

You can use B.4.1GB plan… It can handle 20-25k page visits per day…

Inten Xeon Gold Processor, 4GB RAM, 3 VCPU, Ubuntu 16.04…

for more traffic you can go with C.10GB Plan… it can handle 60-70K daily page views…

*** I use B.4.1GB Plan… I use around 30 plugins…including Akismet… my average page view is 25k per day and some day it reach upto 35-36k… I pay less than 1K INR per month for hosting…