What to do to get high Amazon affiliate income?


I never succeeded in the affiliate area as my organic traffic was very less. But I heard that several niche sites built income on Amazon affiliate program.

  • What are the tips and tricks for better Amazon.com affiliate income?
  • How much traffic a blog should have to get $500 per month from it?
  • What are the themes and plugins good to promote these products?
  • Is there any plugin to get the Amazon reviews imported on a blog post?

Thanks in advance.


Read blogs, case studies and study successful sites to get an answer to this question.

Depends on traffic quality, type of product, product price range, commission structure etc.

Every theme is good as long as you know how to use that theme in accordance with the idea of your site.

I don’t think it is possible and Amazon will not allow you to do this.


Making money from Affiliate Program takes much time and one’s successful strategy may not work for others.
However, one thing can surely bring you success. Surf as many successful affiliate blogs as you can, spend some time to study them.
Then, copy their activities and replicate the same. You will start to grow slowly.