What Should I do with this?


Hey Guys…

After a long, I’m going to creating a new topic on SML.

I’ve got an article on How to start a Blog with the URL https:// webtechpreneur. com/start-a-blog-on-godaddy/

At that time when you search with start a blog on Godaddy on Google it will appear on 1st page with 6-7 position.:relaxed:

But When you search with start a wordpress blog on Godaddy It won’t show till many pages.:disappointed_relieved:

Then now I Want to change my Link from /start-a-blog-on-godaddy/ to /start-a-wordpress-blog-on-godaddy/

Is it a Good Idea?:thinking:


How much traffic are you getting for that keyword start a blog on Godaddy? If it is decent number of traffic then I would suggest you not to take such risk. Because, then you may lose your traffic for both keywords.


Don’t do it bro. There’s many chance that you will loose the current ranking. Don’t change url. Insted edit your article. Don’t touch existing content but add a section with a h2 or h3 titel tag with the keyword WordPress in it and in second paragraph also include it once… See how it goes


As mam_oon said, don’t do it. Adding more content may help though, with extra keywords!


Not so much.

Organic traffic is very less 15 unique page views in last 7 days.

You are correct bro It is huge risk.


Thanks Sir.

I"ll add more content in Post with WordPRess keyword in heading section.


Thanks mam.