VPS Optimization for my site



I recently moved my site from Shared Hosting to VPS in Hostgator i.e. Snappy 2000.

I usually get 3-4k users per day along 9-12k visits (as per analytics).

Now, my site is quite large (https://exampundit.in)

I have tried optimization, CDN through cloudflare, DB cleanup, Image CDN through Photon. Still when traffic hits like 50+ per second (As per analytics) the ram usage shoots up and my site goes down.

Hostgator has been asking me to optimize scripts and all but I cannot do it anymore. I have done everything I could.

I really need help from you guys :slight_smile:


Just move your site to new hosting like siteground or digital ocean.
As per your site ranking your earning between 80k to 120k I think.

Same happened with me on bluehost.daily website down n i have to restart server daily.

I suggest move your site to better host. Your website is huge now, do some more investment.


You are losing dollars due to server daily down. Instead of losing earning on this, buy better cloud vps server hosting like siteground.
Digital ocean is another best option. It is fast and data center available in india.


In HostGator, you should have 2GB Ram with which you can easily manage 150 concurrent visitors without putting load on the server.

Do you have WHM Panel? If so, monitor the server activities.
You should learn to use PuTTy Tool to monitor server activities and find which one is causing troubles.
The Internet is having tons of tutorials to learn using this tool.

Ping me, I will try to support you.


still optimization required.
check below report if possible


My site is being accessed by Website Users + App Users (App fetches data from Site DB).

So, sometimes, I get a lot of users and I can see ram is the only issue in the server. OOM is killing.

However, I do have a few features and one of them is “Quiz” plugin. Which I cannot remove neither I can modify. And that Quiz plugin is created on InnoDB which cannot be optimized by WP Optimizer.


I can see most of the Fixes are related to Google Adsense.


Tell me the detailed specs of your VPS server.


Hence In this case, you calculate 50Visitors per GB of ram (This is a theoretical calculation).
If you are earning enough, then go for Dedicated Hosting and if you wish PM me I will tell you which one.


Shift your site to WP Engine. Their support will fine tune your site.


Any response?
I’ve asked you the VPS server specifications…


Use DO or e2e