Two SEO plugin can be use same time?

(Prashant R) #1

Can two SEO plugin use on my website? I want to give a try to other SEO but don’t want to deactivate Yoast will it effect on my SEO that I have done with Yoast SEO on my previous post?

(braingroom) #2

not use two seo plugins at same time because the plugins may override each other. I had two duplicate titles once on my domain because both plugins said their own thing. Just check your domains page source to see if the title,desc, and other info is not repeated.

(Akash Jaggi) #3

Take some time to think about what you wanna do into your website and what are things plugin provided for you and Plugins are really very smart they notify you that you are using another plugin… so you cannot take advantages from both of the plugins. you have to inherit the settings from one another.

(Clemmie Everhart) #4

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