Suddenly post dissappeared from google index


suddenly my one of post disappeared from the google index… my post use to come on 10 place now i don’t see it in any of the page… what much be the reason?


check like this “Post keyword”: If your post comes, then something is wrong otherwise it has been deindexed temporarily


Either you must have deleted your post from the database (by mistake) OR might not have optimized the post continuously.
You can check for any relevant keyword on this tool to track your own domain’s content.


I mentioned “Site(dot)com” as reference to your site and I can see that some people clicked on it thinking that it’s a site. :laughing:


:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: I was also thinking same and it has 10 clicks. I should buy domain :stuck_out_tongue:


Domain is owned by Safesforce, lmao :stuck_out_tongue: