Sub domain or separate site for Regional content

(Pravil) #1

Hello Hustlers,

I have a question regarding the sub domain usage best practices:

I have a website in English and want to create a Hindi variant of it.

  1. Do you suggest me creating a subdomain like hindi.mainsite. com or a separate domain like hindimainsite. com?

  2. Are there any SEO related bnefits/ drawbacks if I host additional regional language contents in sub domains (like punjabi.mainsite. com , gujrati.mainsite. com etc)?

  3. If I go with Sub domains, do you prefer hindi.mainsite. com or a-new-brand-name.mainsite. com (like

Thank you!

(Sahil Sharma) #2

As much as I know both subdomains and new domains will be considered as new sites. So in both ways you will be starting from initial same point of rankings
Otherwise you can use the approach of using sub directories with Global tlds like godaddy do by sending indian traffic to and so…

(Peter) #3

The easiest way is to use the translation plugin for the site.

(Pravil) #4

Thanks Sahil

(Pravil) #5

Thanks for your suggestion Peter

(Abhijeet) #6

creating a sub-domain does not preserve your domain authority.
google will treat your sub-domain as a new website.
If you want to create a hindi variant of your english website,
then you should go for sub-domain rather than buying a new domain.

Try to avoid a subfolder in this situation ( example. com/hindi/)


Best option is using a sub domain. You can also go for sub directory that will help you to make use of authority of main domain. Don’t go for new domain.

(Ramesh Patel) #8

I will suggest using
for regional language.