Solution for adblock?

(Pardeep Kumar) #1

Hello friends,
Can I use anti adblock script in my blog site to disable adblock ?
Is this act against google adsense policies ?
If it’s not against Google adesnse policies then please provide me anti adblock script for my blogger site
I am using auto ads on adsense

(AlmostRude) #2
  1. Yes, you can use Anti AdBlock Script.
  2. No, it isn’t. Lots of website use it.
  3. You can find the free script(widely used) here :

(Shouter) #3

For WordPress, you can use anti-adblock plugin:

(Pardeep Kumar) #4

Which mode is recommended, block mode or nag mode ?

(Shouter) #5

That’s your wish. One mode will not even allow the visitor to access your content if ad blocked enabled and the other one will allow the content to be viewed but will just give a warning message to white-list the site from Ad blocker.

(Pardeep Kumar) #6

An errors shown when I paste script in my bloggers theme and then press save . Errors about these characters /> ">

(Pardeep Kumar) #7

Anybody tell me how to solve this issue ?

(Shouter) #8

Share the screenshot please.

(FforFree) #9

I am using the same code on my website it works fine… its blogger platform right

(Pardeep Kumar) #10

This is error

(Pardeep Kumar) #11

(Shouter) #12

According to the error on line 1991 and column 52, there is anchor tag (a tag - used for hyperlinks) which is not completed or invalid.
You have to correct it.
For eg. <a href="" Hello </a>
This is an example of incomplete a tag which should be
<a href=""> Hello </a>
Here ‘>’ was missing. Likewise, you have to look for the error of angular brackets in your code.

(Pardeep Kumar) #13

All script is invalid, after solve one issue then another issue comes . Can you provide me another script for ad block

(Shouter) #14

Here it is, they have updated the script on 25th June.

(Pardeep Kumar) #15

In this link no different script, this is script.

( #16

Try Amit Agrawal’s [email protected]