Slow blog speed issue

(Harpreet Kumar) #1

What I do to increase my blog speed

(myilraj) #2

There are no issues with your site speed. Refer the below image.

Tested with GTMetrix also no issues.
Explain your problem location?

(Harpreet Kumar) #3

I checked in Google speed test and it’s showing like that. Can you figure out please?

(#1 Member) #4

In my case, if my site loads under 3 seconds then I don’t give a shit to Google Page Speed Insights. I think you should also follow this.

(#1 Member) #5

(Acha bacha :)) #6

Please stop testing the site with Page Insights. it’s a piece of garbage.

(Harpreet Kumar) #7

Thanks for help buddy. I will follow your advice.

(myilraj) #8

Yes! Ignore Google Page Speed Insights.
You concentrate on Pingdom, GTMetrix, WebPageTest tools to test your site speed.

(Ajay Malik) #9

I’ll have Some Tips for you to Increase Your Speed after analysing your posts:
1.)Compress all images (use plugin like tinypng)
2.)Remove Useless ads (Ad Which Has minimum impression )
3.)Place all external JS in the footer
4.) Compress HTML, CSS
5.) Use CDN
6) Use SVG icons instead of font-awesome

My website’s loading speed is 1s without AMP, I think you can do it too

(Harpreet Kumar) #10

Thanks for the tips. Here tools that am using below

  1. Smush Image plugin
  2. I will do it.
  3. I doesn’t know about. Kindly let me know in depth
  4. How to compress HTML & CSS?
  5. Currently using CloudFlare
  6. Is there any tutorial about it. I honestly doesn’t know about this