SEOPressor Connect vs Yoast Premium? Which is Best in Aug 2018


I saw the features of both the pro versions.
But I’m still doubtful of seopressor.
Some years back @denharsh recommended it.

Is it still useful more than Yoast premium?
Which is better?


The only feature that I liked most about SEO Pressor is LSI feature which is not yet on Yoast SEO.
However, Yoast SEO is well maintained and they keep adding new features.
My suggestion would be to opt for Yoast SEO.


Ok. I think Yoast has the majority votes. But after spending $80, do I really get value for money. Is the organic traffic going to increase ?


i agree with harsh Yoast is the best and hope they will update all features soon


You can use Yoast free which has almost all the features.

Why do you wanna use the premium one? Do you have a requirement?

This will give you an idea of whats in Premium and if you need it

More over, these are tools and they won’t increase traffic just by installing it. How you use these tools will determine how much traffic will be increased.


I won’t even suggest Yoast Premium because the free version have all the features you will need. Using a premium one is like using Netflix when you can download shows for free :wink:

Use the free Yoast plugin, I use it on my blog and it will enough for your needs.