Search position improved but click decreased ☹


After August 1, 2018 update search position of my blog posts are improved but clicks decreased.
Clicks on the posts are also decreased those have the same position as the previous week. :frowning_face:
Can anyone tell me the cause of the same?


Could be multiple reasons and 1 of them that might have affected the most is zero position.
See if those keywords are showing zero position from some other website, and if yes, then do all you can to get the Zero position.


Yes, many keywords of these pages are showing 0 positions.
It means google search console is considering 0 position is better than 1.
It shows error in google algorithms.
one more thing
Clicks depends on the position of web page on search results but if the web page holds the position on first page then why the impression are decreased?
I mean if web page is in the first 3 results then why there is a decrease in impression as in screenshot.