Please review this small facebook wordpress plugin

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sorry I have deactivated this plugin on my site. If you are interested let me know. I will release the code and plugin for public.

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:slight_smile: Why does ur decision depend on us? U are going to make money from it. And in this forum only 3-4 people responded. So its upto u to decide how will u launch and market the plugin. Tooo many plugins out there and u have to give a free version with premium else it wont sell. If premium sells then there will too many support requests also so u have to price accordingly.

Launching a plugin does not depend on someone else. It will depend on u. Just my two cents on the issue my friend.

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Hey, @hariharakumar

If you haven’t solved yet the problem you were going on, you can give a try Ninja Tables plugin. I think it would be solved.

Have a nice day!