Please review this small facebook wordpress plugin

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Guys, I found a way to detect logged in facebook users and show them a small popup where you ask to share current post on facebook. If they are not logged in then show nothing.

It is in alpha stage right now. I am planning to create this new wordpress plugin. Please give me feedback.

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Good idea

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please reload this page i have added some content

(Shafi Khan) #4

That’s a good idea. You can create a nice plugin out of it.

(Gulshan Kumar) #5

Wow! :astonished:

Just one question is in my mind- How this can be helpful?

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politely ask visitor to share post on facebook as they are already logged into facebook website on their system.

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@GulshanKumar @Hitesh_Bhasin @Shafi

You can see the wordpress plugin live at

As you know this plugin only works when you are currently logged into facebook in your browser, other wise it will not display anything.

Kindly give feedback to this plugin. I am considering to sell it.

(The Devil) #8

Great , keep the good work going !!

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On this page the facebook pop up did not come even though i am signed into facebook.

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its working on my browser see this screenshot. It is visible at top right corner.

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may be due to slow internet connection it may have not appeared

(Blogger) #12
  1. I am on 10 MBPS of hathway. So i can assume the internet is not a problem.
  2. U have to assume at all times that viewers might be on slower connections and ur plugin has to compensate for that.
  3. I tried again right now. It didnt show.

Is it possible that pop up blocker creates problem for it?

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Now it has come when i disabled pop up blocker. So this is a problem for u. The number of people using pop up blocker is much more then the ones using ad blockers.

(Jawad) #14

Complete table is not showing in mobile view. Can you help me to fix this?

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Please open a new topic in the forum.

(Jawad) #16

@Hitesh_Bhasin I am unable to create a new topic. Please see in the picture.

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@GulshanKumar please check the error.

@jawi need a link to check this problem of table. But i think the table is not responsive. Please use tablepress which is a very fast plug-in for building responsive tables

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@Hitesh_Bhasin this is the link
and I am using blogger

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@jawi You must use reponsive table to display full table on mobile devices

(Shashank Sharma) #20

the facebook plugin not working for me bro! i can be Google Chrome issue to they are sometime slow