Please help guys

(suresh) #1

hello guys,
my tech blog( a good num of articles. some of the articles are ranking between 4 to 10th pages but not getting in the first place or on the first page even I updated the article with keywords. please help me guys

Thanks in advance!!

(Saksham Kumar) #2

You don’t have SSL and you are writing on random topics. You cannot reach to first page unless you have lots of backlinks.

(Manash) #3

You need some good quality backlinks

(suresh) #4

ya i have to get it!! and i am writing technology random topics! is it wont work? @Saksham_Kumar

(suresh) #5

Thank you ill do it @Manashjyoti_Athparia

(Saksham Kumar) #6

Nope. Random topics does not work in Google now unless you have an authority site.

(Shafi Khan) #7

For any particular keyword, go to the first 10 results and analyze those articles.

Check formatting of articles, social shares, reader engagement, load time, etc.

Does your article whitewash any of these in terms of all the above stated metrics?

Additionally, check number of backlinks pointing to the page, PA, and internal link structure.

Now, go ahead and make your pages better than these sites for in both on-page and off-page SEO.

You’ll surely see a nice ranking boost and eventually get there.

(suresh) #8

thank you @Shafi

(Sanjay B.) #9

Do some social media marketing as well. Also hard work for content marketing to increase your content engagement. Use high quality and relevant images. Increase good quality backlinks and also communicate with users on different platforms like quora or forums. Give the information or useful content not a marketing content. Write attractive and good meta tags.

Lastly, get an SSL Certificate (just $7/yr) to get the advantage of Google’s latest algorithm. (and I think you know it)

(suresh) #10

thank you @comodosslstore

(Blogs Virals) #11

make web2.0 backlinks bro