Please anyone suggest me the best caching plugin and SEO tool

(ravi shankar) #1

today I am decided to buy 2 plugins to my site one is cashing plugin and another one is SEO plugin. plz, suggest me… best SEO and caching plugin.

(Ajay Malik) #2

Yoast is the Best SEO Plugin it gives you all function to optimize your On-page SEO.
Use W3 total cache or Edit your .htaccess by yourself here an simple guide:
Stay away from plugins as you can (I recommend) They bring a lot of heacache with them.

(Most Active Member of the Month) #4

Yeah @Ajay_Malik1 the plugins bring a lot of headache. I would not recommend you to use the W3 Total Cache plugin. It’s causing a lot of problems on one of my friend’s blog.

It’s showing a lot of errors on his blog.

(Saksham Kumar) #5

If you don’t configure it properly only then you will have problems. Please don’t misguide people. This plugin is very good. :thinking:

We should not stay away from them. We should use only important ones. Both things are different. :unamused:

(Ajay Malik) #6

If you can solve the problem by editing some codes then why plugins they make dashboard messy also show a lot of ads also.