New Google SEO Update?

(sushil pandey) #1

Hi Just heard about new Google search update.

My website loose 50% organic traffic what impact on your websites?

(Surendra Reddy) #2

Yeah, Google Search Algorithms are updated. Semursh already reported it.

([email protected]) #3

I am receiving 40 % More traffic after yesterday update.

(Mr. Potter) #4

Mine declined 50% :disappointed:

(Naman Mishra) #5

My Traffic Increased 30-40% In Past Few Days

(Moderator) #6

If you have good quality content, wait few days and it will recover.

(Sarfraz Khan) #7

I have lost 30%.

(AlmostRude) #8

One of my site has seen a growth of 144% (in pageviews) this month. Very much happy about it…

(Gulshan Kumar) #10

Whenever any updates releases a common thing, we notice - traffic loss. Very less people says, traffic increased. Really a matter of concern. We need to think about this, where some mistakes are happening.

(Abdul Razak) #11

My traffic’s increasing :slight_smile:

(Blogger) #12

No change in traffic

(Sandi) #13

My increased and dropped Again by 50%

(Dev) #14

My site traffic increased with 35%, create a unique and quality content and get a good rank. with providing some personal info. also

(Shehraj Singh) #15

my traffic is incrased 50-60%