Negative SEO: What To Do? 😠


Hai friends., Some people doing negative SEO for my website. They giving backlinks on some other site using {sex never felt better lyrics} these type of keywords. How to deindex this type links… Already added in ahrefs, But not added in webmaster tools. Please help me guys


No need to worry about this. This happens to best of us and the way out is simple.
Just follow these two guides and you should be good:


you can disavow links in search console.
check out the links to your site.
you can read how to disavow links to your site in official google documentation. here’s the link


Use Disavow Tool from Google, they will help you. My sites had used to be done negative SEO but I reviewed carefully backlinks and disavowed low quality and unwanted links


You can disavow the links in the search console. However, you will still get spammy traffic from those websites but wont have any effect on your ranking.