Need Suggestions Regarding Diet 🥗For Bloggers & Freelancers Who Work from Home



I want to know do you guys eat special food or diet? As most of us, use the computer like all day and doesn’t care about the food and exercise at all.

I am facing some problems like pain in body specially back and in knees, also watery eyes.

So how do you guys manage this as I am sure most of you can relate to this.

Please answer.


I spend good amount of time at laptop because of Blogging and studies. Here are suggestions from my end which can help you:-

  1. When you feel your eyes are paining do massage on the side of eyes and above ear part with oil. It gives relief.
  2. Limit the usage of PC to as much extent as possible. Install tools like FLUX which automate light intensity and provide help to eyes
  3. Do not use earphones as much as possible. Most of us have bad habits to use earphones while writing. Try to quit such bad habits.
  4. Eat healthy. Keep a water bottle aside you while using PC and keep your body hydrated.
    I am sure all this will help you. :slight_smile:


Just normal diet breakfast like king, dinner like beggar, +important atleast 2 quarter :baby_bottle: a week to keep the energy/motivation level up and away from cold :sneezing_face:


I am punjabi. So morning = paratha. Afternoon is some daal and rice. And night = Butter chicken, lahori chicken.

M from joint family. So if 2 days we dont have chicken, one of my relatives will 100% take the name of it and it will be ordered / cooked at home. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here some thing which works for me:
1.) Go play outside with your friends atleast for an hour, blogging isn’t so important. Health is the most important thing in the world.
2.) Don’t sit in one position whole day. Try to use laptop in different position like sitting on chair, laying on bed on stomach side, laying on bed on back side or using a small or large table.
3.) Drink lot of water which force you to leave laptop in every half hour for peeee…
4.) Don’t place screen to too close to your eyes. My most of friends have glasses but I don’t have because I don’t use laptop, mobile and T.v like them. They use these think without blinking eyes most of times which is dangerous.
5.) If you’ve laptop then change place regularly. Like I would like to use it my study room some time, sometime is guest room, sometime in lobby.
6.) Stretching is the best technique to overcome laziness.
7.) I can’t adopt it but you can. Wake up early in 6:00 A.M and do yoga then focus on most important thing.
8.) Watch movies, play games and learn new things also
Some of above works for me while other works for other blogger.


Chicken and Rice cause laziness and sleepness. i would like to stay away from them. But they are great pain and tension killer also.
Wait! I’m a vegan


Thats a very interesting and important question and let me share few things that I do to take care of health.

  1. Make sure your chair is ergonomic. Since you will be sitting on chair for more than 6 hours a day, it has to be something which gives proper support to your whole body. You should also be mindful about how you sit. Read about good sitting posture and it will help you a lot in longer run. Something everyone who work from home should focus on.
  2. Use Pomodoro technique. work on a single task for 25 minutes and then take 5 minute break. Use that 5 minute to get up, walk and stretch your body. This will also give much needed break to your eyes.
  3. Your diet totally depends on your lifestyle. If you are someone who is already exercising daily then your diet depends on that. I usually hire a dietician every 6 month and get a chart done according to current way of working style. However no matter what you should definitely exercise daily. It could be as simple as 20 minute brisk walking or gymming for an hour. The best thing for people who work from home is Yoga as it will help you focus on all the part of your body which you may miss otherwise. There are certain poses in Yoga which are for Back and knees and will help you improve your posture really fast.
  4. Meditation: Online world is amazingly addictive. There are so many things to do and so little time. Meditation even for 10-20 minutes a day, will help you reconnect with yourself, bring mindfulness, peace and help in a lot other things. You can simply start with breathing meditation (Download anapana app for android) or meditate by listening to YouTube videos. My level of meditation changed when I went for Vipassana course and something I do every year. This is something I highly recommend to anyone. Its a 10 days course where you will have no phone and you will be meditating 10 hours a day while maintaining noble silence. This will have a greater impact in your life.
  5. Quit smoking: If you are a smoker, quit as soon as you can. Especially those who stay alone or stay with friends where there is no restrictions on amount of smoke you can have in a day, quit as soon as you could.

Let me know what else do you do or plan to do in coming weeks.


Thanks these tips are really helpful, I will follow these :smiley:
And am far away from the smoking and drinking.