My Ranking Decreasing Day By Day

(Ravi Dixit) #1

I was using Schema lite for my blog but a week ago I changed my theme to GeneratePress Premium and redesign my website.
But now, I am loosing my ranking day by day, Can anyone help in this?

(Shafi Khan) #2

It’s common to get some ranking decrease after changing a site structure but it is a temporary cause.

(Shafi Khan) #3

Check your site for broken backlinks and broken pages. Check older Articles and see if there’s any issue in formatting. Also test out the responsiveness of your site by accessing it from various devices.

(Acha bacha :)) #4

open console and check for structure data error, mobile usability.

(The Devil) #5

One question,
Hentry and hantom error doesn’t effect the rankings right?
Because I have removed author name and publish date from each article :thinking:

(Rohan Kumar) #6

Same Question … Do Structure Data Errors Affect Rankings ?

(Acha bacha :)) #7

Could affect traffic, and traffic drop affects earning, so indirectly, yes.

(Professional Blogger) #8

I have experienced that structure data errors do not affect google rankings.

(Abdul Razak) #9

It does… :slight_smile:

(Ajay Malik) #10

Changing template always affect your user experience negatively in most cases and also SEO. For best practise, try to make little changes every months rather than changing whole template so that your user can adapt those changes without affect there experience. For example in shoutmeloud, harsh prefer to make some little change in his original theme rather than changing whole theme. For me this new theme seems same as old theme.
Always stick to one template for best output.

(Ravi Dixit) #11

I was with free that’s why changed to premium and I will stick with this…

(Ravi Dixit) #12

Understood… And thanks

(FforFree) #13

Its hot this summer have a beer and get creative, right good content, dont worry about rank they are like fake girlfriends who keep coming and going… one day you will be mature enough to stop worrying about it…

(Mr Hola) #14

it happens :cry::pensive:

(Ravi Dixit) #15

My Keyword ranking is decreasing everyday, I decreased 30%. Please help in this…

(Ravi Dixit) #16

Guys, Help with this if abyone faced it ever I almost loose 70% ranking. This is so frustrating…

(Saksham Kumar) #17

Your site and how much loss in traffic?

(WP-Admin) #18

80% loss in traffic… 25k-30k visitors to 6k visitors… very disappointing…

*** Education Niche

Any suggestion???

(The Devil) #19

Just don’t panic keep doing your work.
If possible do a little offpage SEO and reach out for backlinks.

And Let google do its work :+1:

(Ravi Dixit) #20

YES, This is very disappointing…
Can anyone have solution for this instead of waiting? @denharsh please help us…