[Must Read] Do Not Share/Ask Premium Copyright Materials

(Shafi Khan) #1

Hey Shouters,

Recently there has been an increased in threads asking or sharing copyrighted or premium materials and as we all know, we strictly do not approve it.

We moderators have decided to create this thread informing (you may read it as warning) all members to avoid any such activities.

Specifically -

  • Do not ask for paid or copyrighted themes/plugins/courses
  • Do not share paid or copyrighted themes/plugins/courses
  • Give proper credits to owners if you’re sharing free ebooks, PDFs, or copy pasting some information

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cracked/Nulled Themes/Plugins/Softwares?

It may happen that the tool which has been shared here contain malicious code or backdoor scripts. You may trust the person and install it on your website or computer.

Before you know it, your website will be hacked or there will be unwanted links pointing to spam sites.

The same goes with computer. Viruses, Trojans, and what not could be inserted on your system.

If any such thing happen, we’ll feel sorry for you but at the end of the day, it was all your mistake.

Better be safe than sorry.

Also, do support the hard working developers and marketers and buy the products. If you can’t, look for cheaper or free alternatives.

If you want to share something but aren’t sure if it fits the rules, please ask any of the moderator before creating the thread. @Mayank @SAHIL_SHARMA and @Shafi.

All the threads not meeting the above rules will be deleted and if a member keeps repeating the action, he/she will get suspended.

Any doubts? Feel free to ask :slight_smile:


(Shafi Khan) #2

(Khalid Abubakar) #6

Thanks for this update/warnings its of great importance indeed and nulled stuffs are not always good to use… Prevention is surely better than Cure.

(Dinesh Kumar Yadav) #7

Nice one!

(Abdul Razak) #9

Master is always right…