May 2018 Adsense Earning And Reports

(Acha bacha :)) #68

It’s just getting terrible.

(Sohail) #69

The last three days have been worst in last 2 months. :frowning:

(Sohail) #70

No. Not for me. It is bad.

(Most Active Member of the Month) #71

@Arshi @Mayank is using from years and they are still using it.

(Balamukunda Sahu) #72

Two days before I applied Auto Ads on my website. The result : Impression, CPC, CTR and Earning everything just down.

I don’t know for what reason one should implement Auto Ads in their website. Anyone here who is taking advantages of this feature.

(Acha bacha :)) #73

It is for newbies.

(AlmostRude) #74

See how over the months these AdSense threads are decaying… Not many people are now active as they used to be… This is probably the worst month of AdSense having lost over 43% of revenue…

(Acha bacha :)) #75

It’s not worth complaining tbh.

It’s dropping and we can do nothing.

(Rohan Kumar) #76

What should we post bro …
our Earnings are going worst day by day …:disappointed:

(AlmostRude) #77

I did all kinds of experiments and there is no sign of increase in revenue. The only worrisome sign for me is the low CTR.

CPC is not bad, the traffic has increased by more than 12% since March & April. But the CTR is extremely bad. It was close to 2-3% just few months back and now the CTR is 0.7%. Worst period to be honest.

(Sarfraz Khan) #78

Bloggers should not rely upon adsense.

(Jeba Princy) #79

Low CTR is due to low impressions. Google decline to show ads to users. Try to use ezoic which will serve best impressions.p

(Rohan Kumar) #80

Same issue bro … everything is fine except low ctr

(AlmostRude) #81

It’s not like that. The ad impressions have increased along with ad viewability to 69%. The coverage is decent at 85 to 90% as well. Problem remains with the CTR because of the random experiments by Google on link units.

Does Ezoic tweak your ads? I thought they are working same way as the auto ads by Google.

(Jeba Princy) #82

Ezoic is Much better than auto ads by Google. Auto ads is completely waste where as Ezoic is optimal for testing different sizes at different locations. No need to worry about ad placement. I get $1 RPM for Indian traffic by using Ezoic whereas by AdSense it is not even 0.4 RPM

(Jeba Princy) #83

The dislike in Exoic is their dashboard. It is not lively updated. Only at the end if the day, you will know how much you earned.

(Tech info) #84

Any one received Adsense payment in your Bank acc

(WP-Admin) #85

Not yet… I will receive it by tomorrow afternoon (2-3PM).

(Balamukunda Sahu) #86

Received money in bank account. HDFC

(Tech info) #87

I am still not received SBI bank acc