May 2018 Adsense Earning And Reports

(Arshi) #43

Yesterday was bad, very bad

(Acha bacha :)) #44

Yesterday was very good lol. Highest CPC, RPM :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rohan Kumar) #45

What about Low CTRs ?? still getting Page CTR below 2% … any solutions,Suggestions?? :cry:

(Arshi) #46

I think it could be because of coverage.

(Rohan Kumar) #48

It is 83% … is it low ??
What about your ctr @Mayank

(Acha bacha :)) #49


1.5-70. It used to be 2.50-3.00 :stuck_out_tongue:

(Acha bacha :)) #50

I’ve already crossed yesterday’s earning. A good day :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rohan Kumar) #51

was looking good for me too … till they deducted 3$ :persevere::persevere:

(Balamukunda Sahu) #52

Have you changed something in your ad placement. Please guide us. Still my CPC and CTR is as low as hell.

In April the earning was 14 % drop as compared to March. Now in May earning 45% down as compared to April.

(Acha bacha :)) #53

I replaced sidebar ad with 160x600 ad unit.

(Balamukunda Sahu) #54

Ok, Let me try…

(Arshi) #55

Mine is 91.58 right now and average is 90. I have noticed income go up when the coverage is 90 plus Do you use ad balancer?

(FforFree) #59

I had great earnings yesterday 40% increase… today is about 20% improvement.

(Rajveer Singh) #60

anyone using Auto Ads?

(Rohan Kumar) #61

ya i am using auto ads

(Arshi) #62

Looks like another bad day.

(Acha bacha :)) #63

Very bad day*

(Sarfraz Khan) #65

Looks like adsense is giving you guys nightmare.

(Rajveer Singh) #66

what abt today guys ? is there any improvement? CTR? CPC?

(Balamukunda Sahu) #67

Worst…today I enabled auto ads. Expecting some improvement…

Anyone here using auto ads…any review on this???