May 2018 Adsense Earning And Reports

(Rohan Kumar) #1

In this thread, we’ll discuss the Google AdSense earnings and performance for the month of May 2018
Hope This Month Will Be Good :slight_smile: Best Of Luck All <3

(Rohan Kumar) #2

what about first day of May Guys …
For Me…No Change .,Still Same As April … :disappointed_relieved:

(Acha bacha :)) #3


(Rohan Kumar) #4

i don’t Think this situation will get better anymore … :frowning:
Your Views @Mayank bro …

(Acha bacha :)) #5

It will improve in a couple of days. It’s Labour day. Infinity War so it’s quite normal.

(Rohan Kumar) #6

Tumhare Muhh Me Ghee Shakkar Bhai :smiley::smiley::hugs:

(WP-Admin) #7

no improvement n traffic and CTR also dropped,

(Prince Chaudhri 🎉) #8

Traffic increased 5% :grin: but earning is very bad … in April it’s dropped 60% … This month is still same :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

(Balamukunda Sahu) #9

So the May month has been started and Adsense looks more worst then April. Now it’s seems like there is no difference between Adsense and any other Ad network. all are in same boat now.

I think now we should concentrate on affiliate marketing instead of wasting our website space in Google Adsense.

(Prince Chaudhri 🎉) #10

Another new experiment with link ads

A black border comes up :lollipop:

(Rohan Kumar) #11

I Don’t Think Low Earning Or Low CTR Is Anywhere related to Link Ads Appearance , Adsense Is Intentionally Decreasing Our Click , From Last 3 Week I Have Done Some Experiments on two of my site …Regarding Ad units Placements …

Site A With Upto 3k Users Per Day
Site B With Upto 15k Users Per Day

Site A -
No Links Ads …Still CTR Was above 3.5 in March , CTR Goes Down To Below 2% in april ,
on April 25 I Activated Auto Ads , And Now CTR Is In between 2-3 % still lower than March …

Now Site B :-
2 Link Ads … CTR Was Above 3.5 In March , CTR Goes Down To Below 1.5 in april , onApril 27 activated Auto Ads (With No Link Ads ) CTR Is Now Above 1.5 And Below 2.1 …

There is No Change in Appearance Of link ads on site they are still the same , and i can’t beleive this that my ads are not clicked … Same Ad placement Were Giving me 600-700 click a day and now now it is 200 clicks a day … There Is Something wrong with adsense , 2nd Day Of may And It Is Worst than april …

(kundan) #12

Very low cpc today…

(FforFree) #13

similar to media .net

(Most Active Member of the Month) #14

I earned today, $0.02 from adsense. $9 on instamojo, Rs.250 from Amazon associates and $3 from Shortest link shortener.

(Saksham Kumar) #15

From those pirated PDFs?

(Most Active Member of the Month) #16

Yes @Saksham_Kumar

(Acha bacha :)) #17

Is it just me or is anyone else also noticing a massive drop in earnings since yesterday?

2nd May was good. Something happened yesterday and I am still down by 80% sad

(Rohan Kumar) #18

CTR Same As April , Cpc Down !!
I Am Downn By 60 %

(Arshi) #19

2nd May was bad for me, as in below average. Yesterday was average. Try changing ad placements. 80 percent is crazy.

(Acha bacha :)) #20

Yes, it’s the lowest number in past two years :frowning:

Will have to contact G on Monday if nothing works.