List best free web hosting services?

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please suggest me best free web hosting service.

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I really don’t want to discourage you, but telling truth is also important. I can also list here some name. But, don’t want to misguide anyway. So, let me tell you dear that -
###Free and best really not possible.

Because, all they provide very limited resources. They will block service as you will reach their extremely limited quota.

As we all know very well - A shared hosting is known as very limited resource kind of hosting. And, In free hosting, it is very clear that - As your blog will grow (200-300+ pageview per day)
You will see memory out, internal server error and h*ll of problem… Ultimately, again you have to look for another host… I experienced this truth,when I published a article, shared socially and my site went down.

In past - I have tried Hostinger and 1freehosting. I learned one thing from there-

Free hosting is good at some extend till you are learning, so I think for very beginner it is good to follow your passion even free domain like .tk
I appreciate.

But, if you are serious about running a blog. Then you must have to do investment for it.

Obviously, it would be totally worth

Last few days back I read a awesome post at Kinsta blog

“If You Earn a Living from Your Website You Have to Spend Money on It”

Please checkout -

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“Best” not a chance you will get with free hosting… under 1k you will get low cost but descent hosting service with good uptime record.

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Thanks bro for your motivation, my current financial status is poor so am preferring free hosting for a limited period.

After the money get organized I shift to best hosting provider.

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Thanks @denharsh bro

Here in x10hosting how to transfer my website

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Thanks @pharos_3470 bro

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check this free hosting site. It has great features.

(Peter) #11

I see that there are many free hosting services out there that you can use such as Byethost, 000webhost, hostinger, awardspace, 5gbfree, etc…However, in my experience, I would like to suggest ByetHost is comparatively better than other free hosting in terms of CPU, speed, up-time, no ads and good support.

However if you are serious about your business, I also would suggest that you do not use free hosting. Because in the future, your business may get increase and become bigger then you will face to many problems with free hosting such as limited bandwidth, CPU, memory,…And in case your traffic is huge, CPU is overloaded…, your account will be suspended from provider without any notification. So go with paid hosting at the first time you run your business.

Good luck to you!