[January 2018] AdSense Earnings and Reports

(Moderator) #1

In this thread, we’ll discuss the Google AdSense earnings and performance for the month of January 2018.


Big start, crossed yesterday’s in just 1 hour. :slight_smile:

(Arshi) #3

December started badly, but ended on a very high note. Let’s hope and pray January turns out to be great for everyone.

(Astro Joseph) #4

Just crossed yesterday’s earnings :slight_smile:

(Nithis Kumar) #5

today looks good for me

(Anoop Kumar Vaishya) #6

Yesterday was a little worse. But today is a very bad day. It seems like everyone is busy in celebrating New Year.

Happy New Year 2018 To All Dear Friends.

(Balamukunda Sahu) #7

Very very bad start. Low in all ways views and also earning.

(Moderator) #8

Today’s earning is better than yesterday but pageviews down :frowning:

(Moderator) #9

Already crossed yesterday’s earning, for a second thought it’s a glitch :stuck_out_tongue:

(Manju Tomar) #10

Today not reaching yesterday’s income…

(sp choudhary) #11

i don’t know why my earning not crossing even $2 a day, cpc are very liw like $0.05 or $0.10, someone please suggest me how to increase it , review my site at offernloot. com

(Jagtar Gill) #12

My AdSense earning is only 0.31$ last month December month , please help me

(Arshi) #13

Did you guys check your finalized income?

(Ali) #14

BIg ups and Downs in Adsense Earning Graph

(Nithis Kumar) #15

Today good for me

(AlmostRude) #16

December was pretty good month for me. Only 0.4% of clawback. January had a decent start.

(CA Pulkit Sharma) #17

Today Adsense is dead for me.

(Moderator) #18

RIP AdSense for today.

It’s all pathetic.

(CA Pulkit Sharma) #19

Traffic higher than same day last week but Adsense down 80%. Any issue with Adsense reporting?

(Moderator) #20

Nope. It’s all bad days.