Its time to get into action - Post 2(Adsense Approved)

(tulasi) #1

Post 1 Recap: I came to blogging only to make money.

I am happy to share that My Adsense just got approved.


Applied on 12th May 2018
Approved on 16th May 2018
No.of Posts when applied: 26
highest No.of UVs till date: 22
Blog created date: Feb 2, 2018
Current alexa rank 83,209
No.of backlinks : 0 TOTAL BACKLINKS( as per semrush)

(AlmostRude) #2

That Alexa number doesn’t make sense to me. How did you do that ?

(Shafi Khan) #3

Good luck with your journey.

(Acha bacha :)) #4

None of the above matters for AdSense approval.

(Manash) #5

Everybody opens a blog only to make money. Because no one would spend thousands of rupees to give free knowledge unless it is an organisation or University site or the blogger has so much money to spend

(tulasi) #6

I wanted to inform to someone who is new here that, the above info doesnt matter for adsense approval,
becauase, I could see posts here that, does alexa rank matters for adsense approval, 6 months matters and so on…
I wanted to iterate it again that they all doesnt matter and my site is the proof.

(sanu) #7


(Divesh Diggiwal #WTP) #8

Congratulation @tulsi

You got Adsense Approval this time in a single try.

(WP-Admin) #9

I got Adsense approval on my under 7 days aged domain.

(Saksham Kumar) #10

Why you people are so happy??

Even if you have Adsense… more important is earnings from it. Approval will not give you any money!!! :crazy_face:

If you have Adsense for a fresh domain that means you don’t have much traffic and that means you cannot earn from your New Adsense Account!! :thinking: :neutral_face:

(WP-Admin) #11

200+ Visitors per day… one month old domain… 5$ earned. :smiley: