Is this a good niche?

(vikas) #1

Is this a good niche? I want to create a website like this.

Please suggest about the niche.

Thanks guys!

(Prashant R) #2

@vikas87 what theme is that site using?

(Abhishek) #3

It’s not WordPress

(Shafi Khan) #4

The niche in itself is great. But requires a lot of work and multiple authors who can cover different topics with unique approach.

Competition will also be higher as the field is dominated by authority education sites. You need a good SEO guy who can find low-competition keywords and build backlinks for the site.

Overall the site requires a good amount of investment and multiple partners.

(Divesh Diggiwal #WTP) #5

@shafi is right.

This is not just niche. It is a game with code and alone you can’t write all the tutorials about programming.

If you know about the programming you may start as a tutorial blog. You can write about some programming tips but if you wanna really start a site like Tutorialspoint you need a solid team.

(vikas) #6

Agree :slightly_smiling_face:

(Abhishek Pathak) #7

See, how big this site is.
And just today, I have heard it’s name for the first time, in 7 years of my programming career.

There might be thousands more, but it’s useless if they are not on first page of google.

You’ll need a great team and something unique. Text based content is out of fashion. Implement something like online code editor or anything that’s worth the attention and makes you different.

(aisha) #8

You can chooge a unique niche for your blog. The theme you can use like This