Is it possible to reach 1000 organic traffic for a new blog within 3 month?

(faruque ahamed mollick) #1

I want to know if it is possible to reach 1000 organic traffic per day for a new blog within 3 months or not? If not possible, then what is the maximum number of organic traffic a new blog can get after 3 months of blogging?

(Shouter) #2

This question can’t be answered with certainty. You may or may not get that much organic traffic within the first 3 months. That totally depends upon the strategy you are working for SEO of your website.
But one thing I can say with confidence is this is not at all impossible. I have seen sites just a few months old and getting lakhs of organic traffic every day.

(Peter) #3

If you use paid methods like Google ads CPC, FB ads to boost traffic for the site, you can totally achieve the result.

(faruque ahamed mollick) #4

How these paid methods can boost my Organic search traffic? I think Organic search doesn’t depend on paid methods.

(Pardeep Kumar) #5

If you have a fb page with thousands 15k to 30k likes, then it’s possible .

(faruque ahamed mollick) #6

How is it possible? As far I know that social media has very little, almost negligible effect on search traffic and social media traffic is not ranking factor of Google. Than how Google send me traffic only because I have 15k to 30k page likes?
And, yes, i have my page which has 15+ likes, but for 95% of my post i don’t even get a single like to my post.

(Saksham Kumar) #7

Build backlinks after one month… And if you can build good links then you can easily get that much traffic provided that your other things are correct like niche, on page SEO etc…

(myilraj) #8

As moderator says, no one can answer exactly and it all depends on your SEO efforts on your blog.
You have to LEARN any SEO technique and implement to get the results.

I have personally reached 700+ visitors in 5months for a new blog (one of my project). So, first LEARN, then ACT.

(faruque ahamed mollick) #9

Nut will nofollow back links works for my site ?

(myilraj) #10

Nofollow helps you bring Referral Traffic and it will do good only to some level.

(Golam Rabbani) #11

Nothing is impossible! To get 1000 organic traffic per day you must need hundreds of good quality article that may rank well in search engine.

(Garry singh) #12

Yes it’s possible… first thing you need to find is less to medium competitive keyword with lot of searches per month.

Instead of writing 100’s of Articles focus on just 2-3 and build solid backlinks from good sites by guest posting…(focus 10% of time on writing, 90% on Marketing, heck even pay someone to write for you).

If you are buying backlinks make sure site actually have some real traffic instead of just looking at it’s DA/PA

it’s not guaranteed that you will get 1k visitors within 3 months but yiu should be able to get decent amount of traffic in 3-4 months.

on side note, Avoid comment and PBN backlinks

(Sateesh Kumar Reddy) #13

I am very new to this site and i don’t know how to ask the questions under some category.
i have some basic question about blogging. I recently took domain and webhosting and i installed some free theme as well.

  1. I need some help to create menus in home page and create disclaimer and privacy policy and some basic settings.
  2. I am not sure where to ask this question and whom to ask.

could please some one help me on this.