I want to use google authenticator? For security

(Fahim Kundi) #1

Hello, there beautiful people,

I have a News website which I run, till now it’s not selected in Google News but before that selection, I want to secure my site, " As I am not a Techy person at all " & don’t want to take any risk in future.

So, for securing my site, Hosting, Cloudflare, and many social media permanently. Someone gave me the idea of using Google Authenticator.

I have Researched google for two-step verification but still can’t analyze, that is it safe to use?

And what will happen if I lose the credential and backup codes of google authenticator? Can restore everything again if lost everything accidentally.

Experts Suggestion -Needed Plz :slight_smile:

-Kind Regards.

(Harsh Agrawal) #2

You need to secure the backup key. You get this backup key when you are setting up authenticator. This backup key is most important part as even if you lose your phone in future, you can restore authenticator on a new device using this backup key. Best way is to either print it or write it down in a diary and store it somewhere safe.

While you are focused on security, I highly recommend you to start using a password manager. Unique password for every website.

(Fahim Kundi) #3

Thank you @denharsh. Big Fan of You :):kissing_heart: