I Just Launched My New Web Design & Services Company

(Okonkwo Victor) #1

Hi Everyone,
I am Okonkwo Victor, CEO of Victorez Media. I want to use this medium to publicize the launch of my new Web Design & Services Company.
That offers most of the important web design solutions.
Please check it out and tell me what you think about it.
The website is http://design.victorezblog.com.ng

(Adeoba Tosin) #2

Good to hear that Victor . as a new learner to blogging do I need to be professional before I could have my own web design ?

(Jitendra) #3

I was blogger for 2 and half year. After i failed to earn anything from blog. I started my own ventures. I started a PowerPoint presentations designing company. We are doing good as a startup now. We got registered under Make In India. So nothing is taxable for 3 years now.

I’m still continue with blogging. But this time not for money, only for a hobby. I don’t care even i don’t earn a single dollar from my blog. I just like blogging.

But my articles will not so frequent. As i’m concentrating on our business more now.

Our business website: Powerpoint design experts - We are working on redesigning our website now. Currently my website is built in WordPress. But we are planning for drupal now. Watch this space.

(Abhishek Pathak) #4

That’s great. Startups are great!
Glad to hear you are doing good with it.

So, Make in India exempts 3 years tax liability? This info might be useful for me someday! :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, I wanted to ask, how are you exactly working there? I mean is it your full-time profession? And do you get a good amount of visitors? What are your revenue strategies - like Subscription plans and all?

I am excited because I also want to share my such experience, which indirectly means I want to be a entrepreneur like you guys. xD

(Keerthana Ogirala (Kheer)) #5

That’s a nice Startup and your services are so elegant and unique. And liked the idea to attend clients for urgent assignment in 20 minutes.

I really liked to know another Startup from India and Make in India exclusives for Startups. And I’m a Startup enthusiast, so started a blog - thestartupsformula.com and currently extending my horizons to elevate my blog to completely new level. I’m strongly pursuing my passion of Entrepreneur journey, despite earning high qualified degrees.

If possible we can have a good conversation on more about Startups, Business and Collaborations?



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(Jitendra) #7

Hi Abhishek, Our business don’t need high traffic. It’s not a blog we don’t run affiliate or adsense ads. Our business is not to attract visitors. We get our most of the traffic from Linkedin and Twitter. We also run PPC campaign. So that we get relevant business targeted traffic only.

I started the startup with the co-founder who was working with CISCO from past 7 years. He handle all the designing team. First month we got 3 clients from PPC campaign. 2 were local company and 1 was from Australia. We earn good money. I dont want to disclose the amount. But much higher than what mid blogger earns. Now we have clients such as DHL Singapore etc. So most of the company have done contract with us for 2 years. NDA etc all are signed.

The problem we faced was company asked us for DIN number TAN number TIN number etc. So we registered our company under Make in India. Other things such as tax certificates. Corporate account. Hell of things are required when you start a company. We have full time CA with us working with our company now.

Now we are expanding our services from Web design, SEO, Video Animation, Epublishing etc. Let see how we grow in next coming years. But we are doing good.

Blogging is not only the way to earn money. You can’t be your boss my starting up new business. I would also suggest to everyone to come up with the new product, app, services and register under make in India.

We will also launching our new product. Which is a secret but it will be great.

(Jitendra) #8

Hi Kheer, You have a great professional blog. It looks very professional and something serious great. Let me know what you need from me. We love to share and have a great business conversation. You can PM me.

(Keerthana Ogirala (Kheer)) #9

Ya sure. Can you text me your contact mail please?

(Keerthana Ogirala (Kheer)) #10

Thanks so much for your feedback. Ya , I’m currently working seriously on few technical glitches to resolve and curating effective projects to share more innovative knowledge.

(Jitendra) #11

You can get my email id from your blog subscribers list. I have just submitted with my email to your blog.

(Abhishek Pathak) #12

Hmm… Rightly said.

By the way I was asking for clients (sorry for visitors) and how often you get them. And since your are doing good, you must be getting loyal clients.

Thank you for sharing all this. :slight_smile:

(Jitendra) #13

I will give a example. Because you are mixing blogging with business. No one can guarantee the numbers.

Today Box8 which is a food serving platform similar to Fassos, KFC somewhat. They started their business back in 2010. But now that business had grown tremendously. In fact now a days some people install Whatsapp and Box 8 both same.

You need to always focus on building a brand, rather than working on how to earn more. Today SML is a brand and Harsh is creator of brand. He didn’t just thought of earning money from the blog from the word GO.

Investing time in building a brand is important. Take example of Snapdeal and Flipkar. They are a brand now. When they launched no one new what exactly is snapdeal? But now everyone know it’s a brand.

Youngster who are into blogging get excited by looking at bloggers income. They start there blog and within 6 months they shut their blog. I have few friends who have started and have vanished.

Whatever business you do blogging, services or product. You need to wait for at least for 3+ years to develop a brand. No matter you don’t have investment but you need to be consistent.

Do things in which you are passionate. Don’t just look at money. You can be good writer, businessman, professional blogger, cricket etc.

But you need to be special and best in what you are.

(Abhishek Pathak) #14

I am getting you. But let me clear myself, I am not asking for just money, but majorly the potential. There’s no good business without clients, in fact, there’s no business.

See, you have a powerpoint presentation designing company, and I am talking about it’s potential in terms of clients. Blogging is totally different. Blogging is a not a pure startup, though it is presented as a startup. Companies/Startups provide services, whereas blogging was originally meant to provide information - but people have made it business.

Now back to my question, Snapdeal and Flipkart are quite high examples. Take, for example, Grofers.com which is gaining attention because it is different. But different doesn’t mean ending up opening a venture with no potential in it. Having a target audience is must and more the numbers, better the business. Suppose, I open up some obscure startup or something that I might be good in, but for the world, it’s not worth their attention, so in this case, I fail.

I was interested in knowing how you are doing because your startup is less common and if people really come to all kind of startups.

Honestly, for me, money is totally secondary. My aim is to open a startup and get a decent recognition in the Industry(Web Industry). That’s it. Oh, and your last line that says, “you need to be special and best in what you are” is what I aim to follow. :slight_smile:

(Mars Web Solution) #16

Wow, Superb and congrats to you