I have installed Google Authenticator on my Iphone and added Google account?


Hello there,
I have Installed Google Authenticator on My iPhone and I have also added one of my dummy Google Account in it for testing, it works OK & generating code for that particular account.


The problem is I don’t how to find back up codes -(keys) of Google Authenticator so that I Print it if I lost my phone or any accident happen.

Kindly suggest me the perfect ways of setting up Google Authenticator, So that in future I have access to my Accounts :slight_smile:

Experts Brothers Help Needed please :slight_smile:

Kind Regards
Fahim Kundi :slight_smile:


Go to
https://myaccount.google.com/security >>2-Step Verification >> Backup codes


Dear Respected Sir @ankur1857 I have Backed up this Particular Codes.

  • My Actual Confusion is that do I have to store every account Backup Codes individually

  • AND What will be the Backup Process, if I want to connect my Site Hosting & WordPress blog with Google Authenticator.

  • Will Hosting & WordPress Generate the Backup code for me OR Google Authenticator will Provide me Backup codes in this case :slight_smile:


These backup codes will work for logging in your google account only (instead of code sent to mobile by sms).
These codes will not work for the logging into other apps where you are using google authenticator.
Google Authenticator does not need backup codes.
If you lost your mobile having installed google authenticator, log in another mobile with your google account (you have logged in now when setting up authenticator) and get the code to login the app.


Google Authn only works with google account!
when you activate 2 step verification that means
whenever you try to log in your Google account in other devices it will ask for a code other than your password which will be provided only by the authenticator app only for a short period of time or you can use those backup codes.

Back up codes only work for one account for which those are issued.

Google provides 10 codes at a time, in your google account you can see how much you have used.
If the app or back up codes are not available you can use your registered phone number to receive the code.


I personally prefer phone OTP (with alternative numbers) over Google Auth.


Now google sends onscreen notification on your android mobile to authenticate your login.
SMS is an old method.


Yes, the new methods like tapping the number on phone works great.