.htaccess File Error


While disabling directory browsing. I found my .htaccess file look like this. Is it ok? Because of my previous backup completely different from this
and if it is not,
then How to re-create .htaccess file.
and another How do I know my .htaccess file is working properly.

To create .htaccess file should I copy and paste the data of this article created by harsh



Your File is completely normal. Nothing to be worried.


Your .htaccess file is completely fine if your are running your site on Apache-based Webserver. If you are running site on Nginx then its a bit different because you will not be able to pick the rules from .htaccess then.


@m24deb Thanks for adding up your valuable suggestion about Nginx.
If you are having an NGINX server the file will be .conf file and it will be like this for WordPress:
location / {
try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args;