Howdy, Welcome to ShoutMeLoud Forum

(Kumar) #202

OOOOps. I have been on many forums , participated, started discussions, replied and more, but sadly, this forum doesn’t look very friendly to me in the design aspect at least. I have just joined this forum and want to ask a few questions, but not sure how to ask a question, start a new thread… I am disappointed:(

(Derek Price) #203

This is a easy forum to figure out. Have you even read the help files which explains everything?

(Pratik Khomane) #207

Hi All,
I have one issue.
I have just created wordpress blog.I did everything as per steps mentioned in this blog.But, on some internet connection css files of website are getting blocked? Can smeone suggest why its happening?

(ramesh sau) #208

Hello, I am new start to blog, I am website designer, I am working in pvt company,

I am asking one things, My subject related i am see other’s site, i am littel-bit changes and copy this content, If i am do like this things after any thing happend…

My site -

(Travis Simons) #211

Hello I’m Travis Simons owner of TJ Group Ltd and to start ai would like to tell that is a honor become a new member of this forum. I’m expert in marketing online and CEO I’m available to help affiliates and owners of firms in his strategies, tips, teach community in different types of marketing and other subjects… Any doubt or question message me. Thanks to everyone.

(Techaai) #212

Hi, sounds like everyone is happy to be here, well. That’s how i am also. One Community, One Goal.
Welcome ALL:joy:

(Jeanette) #214

Thank you for welcoming me! I am new to the blogging world so look forward to all the expertise and community support!:slight_smile:

(Hass) #215

Hi Guy, I’m struggling to make my site via wordpress attractive. Please any resource so I can build a decent looking site and really start pumping alot of work into it. If anyone can take me under their wing, I’m here.

(Shouter) #216

Hey @GergedanAnimal,

We would love to help you out. We request you to open a new thread for that.

(Scott Saunders) #217

Thanks for the warm welcome.

Hopefully this site will help me learn to blog and give me some advice on the much needed ways to structure a blog post :slight_smile:

(Shouter) #218

You can open a new thread and we will be glad to help you. :slight_smile:

(Scott Saunders) #219

Thanks for the reply - I dont seem to have the facility to create a new thread :slight_smile:

(Derek Price) #220

Yes you do.

(Santhosh Kumar) #221

Hi All … Thanks for warm welcome to being this community. :wink:
Thanks a lot Hash Agarwal

(Ashwin Poudel) #223

how do I add posts in this blog ???

(Derek Price) #224

This is not a blog

(Ashwin Poudel) #225

hhhhaah… thanks i meant forum… lol @Evan_Derek

(Derek Price) #226

You just added a post right now. lol

(Rachit Gupta) #229

How can i add a new post. I am not seeing any option for that.

(Derek Price) #230

You just added one by replying.,