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Hello there, I was searching for ‘best Indian tech blogs’ but wow this one is really a fresh breath for the eyes, and it functions great as well. I am from the Netherlands btw and a huge fan of Indian food, I believe Indian girls are the most beautiful on earth (unfortunately to chance yet to meet them in their natural habitat) and I do some graphic design, mostly advertisements and banners but also posters, postcards, restaurant menu’s and promotions and whatever they ask me, for clients all over the world. And planning to start a new blog as well, currently looking for a good name to replace the current experiment.

Have a great day! :smile:

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Thanks for creating such kind of platform.I am glad i am part of this.Here, I would like to learn from my seniors and helping my juniors with whatever i can.Thanks for this community.

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I really like this forum and your blog. It is very simple and easy to use. I hope will reading more tips from here - vannguyen

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I am new here and really happy about it. I was inspired by ShoutmeLoud CEO speech on Facebook. I look forward to a career in Blogging :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much @system…keep in touch from Indonesia.

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Hi Harsh.
Thanks for introducing me this forum.
I hope I get answers to my queries in this bloggers forum.
: ) Thanks for creating such a nice community .

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Hey Everyone !! Thanks for the warm welcome Harsh sir :blush:
As i am a newbie in this field of blogging , so i am here to get really good ideas so that i can do well in my blogging career . :innocent: Thank you :blush:

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Hello all :heart_eyes:
I just landed on this forum.
Hope we all enjoy sharing something. :relaxed:

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Thanks for the warm welcome. :smiley:

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Hello every one…

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Hello Harsh,

Thank you very much for your welcome :smile:
I have been reading, following, eating and drinking your Shoutmeloud blog from past one week.
I really inspired after finding your blog. It gave me new hope of opportunity.
Excellent :smiley:

Have a great day.

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Thanks for warm welcome and i am very happy to be here

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Hi Everyone! Newbie here! Hoping that I can easily catch-up with the thread and also learn from you guys!

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my anme is oscarmonero, new memver want to more learn about internet marketing

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Hi @RohanChaubey I really missed it, hope you are doing well
Nice to see you too.
Have a good day

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Hi guys

Happy to be part of this large family… I am a new bie, have no single idea about making money on line but have passion for writing

Your few tips of steps will go along way

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So I am
Thanks for all

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This is best community.
Glad that I found it and joined. This community helping Many people in everyday. thanks for this.

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Hello everyone, please suggest me on my recent topic.

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Glad to join this great community and website to share my ideas and also get new ideas from fellows.