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(Arpit Kapoor) #555

Hi! How are You?
I am very new to blogging and I have tried everything but I can’t see ads on my blog website. It’s showing AdSense approved and have done all possible settings in theme and layout but still facing issues. Need Help.

(Anand Potdar) #556

Hi good article, thanks for sharing your information . it would be helpfull for blogers

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(Manglesh Saurabh) #557

This is Manglesh and I am also from Delhi. I have stumbled upon your website and it has got some great content. I started a gaming blog website called Gameizz -
Please review my site and tell me how exactly should I proceed for backlinks (pretty skeptical as I think its quite tiresome and complecated.hope you understand.)
Looking forward for your views.

(Techno Vic) #558

Review my site please. I am new to this. I don’t know how to optimise my site? Please help.

(Sazzadul Bari) #559

Hey there,
It’s nice to be a part of the community. I like to support people and like to ask for support as well. I think the community is superb. I will try my level best to enhance the community in a positive way.

Stay blessed.

(Dora Stevenson) #560

Best blogging community ever, so glad I have found it. Hello from Canada :canada::ice_hockey::smile:

(Sazzadul Bari) #561

Hey, Dora Stevenson,
Nice to see you here…!

Have a nice time.

(Deepak Patel) #562

Thanks team. such a nice place.
ocean of knowledge is spread all over here.

(Imran Qureshi) #563

Hi Everyone, can anyone guide on how to build SEO and genuine back links for my website

Kind Regards,

(Shouter) #564

Follow this discussion to get answers:

(Carin L. Reeve) #565

I am excited to be a part of this community! I am looking to learn more about how to expand my reach with my blogging and create a greater impact!

(Irfan Shafi) #566

Thanks for the warm welcome .

(Kavi Raghul) #567

Hi Harsh Anna I am a 4th year EEE student of Amrita University Coimbatore , thank for setting such a beautiful platform to explore a new way of living . After a through investigation I found out myself not an engineering material . So I started to find out another way of living in the society . Then I came accros blogging and affiliate marketing , I came to know about you in a YouTube video . I have not yet started blogging yet I am really feeling privileged to work along with you . Thanks Anna :grinning:.

(Avinash Jha) #568

Downloading failed of big files? Click Here <- this will must help you.

(N Joshi) #569

Hello Guys,
Can any one help me please
for all my blog url’s i see post-post id appended automatically & due to this i’m losing traffic for all my old & new posts.
eg: the original url is example com/2018/08/12/xyz/
Hope someone replies soon Thanks !!

(Shouter) #570

Go to permalink settings, and check if there it is appended.
Correct it there and save the permalinks settings twice.

(L Love 2 Tech) #571

I am a blogger and i write articles on blogger. I am facing a problem, my google console shows “We do not detect any structured data on your site” what i can do now.

(N Joshi) #572

I had checked it nothing is appended in permalinks & i’m not even using custom permalinks. please check the screen shot. Does it happens for archives?

(Shouter) #573

Have you tried saving it twice?
And also let me know are you using NGINX server or Apache web server?

(N Joshi) #574

No i save it only once it is happening for new topics which i post & also for the old topics which i’m updating. I’m using Apache server.

Thanks !