How to sell a Blog (Education Niche)


3.5 Years old domain (.in extension). Education and Job niche.
Self hosted WordPress Website.
100% Organic Visitors.
0% traffic from social media.
362 Posts
49 Pages
Total 9,567,312 Visits as of now.

Average Monthly Adsense Earnings ~300$ without much optimization. (Some media companies approached us for Adsense optimization and tried to convince us that 15-70% earnings will be increased. But we denied because they will do lot’s of testing and we have to make changes to our website according to their suggestions)

Average Monthly Page Visits ~600k

What should be the price, if we want to sell our blog?? I think 11-12k USD will be fair deal.

Can’t manage the website due to the shortage of time. Haven’t updated the website since long time, I understand the domain has potential but can’t continue because of time issues.

Guys please help me to sell my blog/website, I don’t know where and how to sell online business or Website.


You can use Flipaa for this. Empire flippers is good but they want at least $1000 monthly earnings. But try with them once.

And without knowing the website, I cannot comment much but 11-12k USD is too much. Expect a multiple of 20 to 30 for a .in domain. ANd this will depend on past earnings. Average of earnings will be taken into account and then multiplied with a multiple.


I agree.

That’s a high price and you won’t get that much. If your average monthly earnings for past 6 months is $300+ then you can expect to get 6k or 9k.


Message me you your website link. I am interested…


message me the link (interested)


Send your blog link please. I know someone in the education industry who is planning to start a blog.


Flippa is the best choice, I also sold my 4 blogs on flippa in very Good price.


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how can i sell my blogs and where?


send me your blog url I am interested


You can sell your website by calculating your 3 years revenue. i.e., 300123=10800 USD.
So you mentioned correct price. If you had targeted US, you could get this price. But website is for India. I think no one will buy in India with that price.


3 years?? Nobody calculates that much. Six months to max one year is calculated!!


If you are getting 600K organic traffic. The website selling price would be 20000$ to 24000$ or greater.


Message me website link. and your final price, after this much discussion


i have education sites at reasonable price.


Please message me the link, interested in it.


Am Looking for Education/ Career Niche Website.

  • Website With Original Content
  • Website With Organic Traffic
  • .in/.com/.Net Accepted
  • Min 6 months Age
  • Adsense monetization Website
  • Only Wordpress Website’s Accepted

Max 6months profilt I’ll pay (Depends On Website Quality etc). If Intrested Pls Send Url With other Stat’s.

  • Payment Via Netbanking . We Can Discuss Later Abt This (Paypal or Escrow - Fee 50% - 50%)