How to redirect Affiliate links under your domain?


I want to know how normal links are converted into affiliate links and redirected under their domains?
Like these websites… , , ,

All these have affiliate links redirected under URL like
get converted to
When page loads and when someone click it goes to amazon website with their affiliation code added, my website is ,I thinks it is a script but how to do this?


Have you tried this plugin?


Thanks for your reply , I am installing thus and let u know if it work.


Is there any way to add affiliate code like above sites I mentioned , the affiliate code automatically added according to sites like amazon code to and flipkart code to and so on for paytm, Ebay etc … I think it is defined under a file which suffix (affiliation tag) to add according to domain


Please refer to this thread. We have discussed a similar topic.


Bro it only redirect redirect but how affiliation code added when clicked. Like

get converted to
and when clicked it opens

how to add this affiliate code automatically
Similarly for other sites like flipkart and eBay etc

Thanks for Reply



Can you check once again at that website? I couldn’t find any such links which show me that they are hiding affiliate link. They are only using clocked link.

Like this,p_n_is_pantry:xxxxxx,p_n_pct-off-with-tax:xxxx&qid=xxxxxxx&bbn=1355016031&sort=price-asc-rank

And, it simply redirects to the Amazon link.

####I guess you want like this.
You want to show your visitor non-affiliate link
but you want them to redirect to the affiliate link after click

Damn! What a clever idea!! :smiley: :smiley:

I don’t know which plugin can do this. But here is the simplest way to do this

For more, see here.



@GulshanKumar Can you say how it happen?Whenever i post link in desi dime or any other deal forum or anywhere else in there website it automatically get converted in affiliate links.


@GulshanKumar yes I am asking the same as @animeshmitra you can visit the forum of freekaamaal.
All normal link posted by user get converted to affiliate link and also cloaked…


Is there anyone who can answer my and chaklesh question?:expressionless:


I also want to know how to do it. @denharsh @GulshanKumar @Derek please help


Yes bro pls tell how to achieve the same? Is there anyone who can tell us about that?


I guess nobody is there who can help out us from this query.:pensive:


Hmmm…very sad, what a bloggers community!!


Bro there Is no affiliate code in link like .,p_n_is_pantry:xxxxxx,p_n_pct-off-with-tax:xxxx&qid=xxxxxxx&bbn=1355016031&sort=price-asc-rank but when you click on it it redirect you to amazon product page and there u see affiliation code on amazon website.


Please refer to above reply.


Sorry, once you can try self, as I mentioned in above reply.


Bro I visit their site daily and once again it is same, can you pls again visit or other again and go to any amazon product post click on visit product link and when amazon product page is opened check URL u will see their affiliate code &tag=dealnloot-21.

But it is not in the dealnloot post, really bro visit again


This all can be done by the programming you have to write a script in your domain which redirects the user to that particular offer through your domain.



Lol, we all know it can be done by script. And he is asking for script :stuck_out_tongue: