How to Rank on Google: Potential Ideas

(Rohit Sharma) #1

It’s really simple if you follow the Google’s algorithms.

*** Publish on fresh content**
*** Use Solid Meta tags**
*** Relevant Backlinks**

What you guy thinks! Please share your thoughts and helps each other.
Like same as YouTubers! they have great bounding so you also need to make friends in your circle such as blogging field. Talk them meet them to build a good relationship.

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Thank you!
Rohit S

(FforFree) #2

Huh hope I was the only chicken in the world, they would have worshiped me like god… even google cant count how many websites are created every second on this planet…

(Saksham Kumar) #3

All this is very easy in only words and not in real world!!

(Han Fun) #4

It’s not as simple as it seems. There are cases when you’ve everything but the site doesn’t get as much traffic as ou expected, or doesn’t aget traffic at all.

(Rohit Sharma) #5

I agreed!

Thanks! Rohit S

(The Skinny Boy) #6

Hi Rohit,

There are tons of articles on google on this topic. Following are couple of them…

(Shafi Khan) #7


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