How to make table like this?

(Suraj Suman) #1

Hi guys can you suggest how can I make such tables on my blog,

(Sachin Hooda) #2

If you’re on WP, then you can use Table Of Contents plugin

(Rishabh Chaudhary) #3

I think its tablepress plugin

(Sachin Hooda) #4

Oh Yeah! You can use TablePress

(Suraj Suman) #5

Thanks techie_sach and rishabh… N one more thing bro… How to add navigation like this for content…

(Huzaifa Dhapai) #6

This is because of Table of Content Plus

(Gaurav Singh) #7

Please share some benifits of including table of content.

(Suraj Suman) #8

Nice question Gaurav… I am also searching out for it, Definately its a great thing I mean every pages of Wikipedia is well orgainsed with table of content.

(Sazzadul Bari) #10

Hey, @suraj_suman

If you haven’t solved yet the problem you were going on, you can give a try Ninja Tables plugin. I think it would be solved.

Have a nice day!