How to make android app like sml (?)

(Rohit Kadian) #1

I want to make an app like sml plz tell me from head to toe??

(M.Imran Nazish) #2

you need to spend money … :slight_smile: kidding

(Rajendra Singh) #3

If you know programming than you can make it your self or you can also hire a developer.

(Manish) #4

in this matter @denharsh can help you better ! just wait for his reply !

(Raju Choudhary) #5

Hi Check Android App from below link

(Manish) #7

@Raju Sharing your app here ?? why ?? are you helping ?? or promotion ???

Dude If you can help him how you made this app and how to make app
like this … it’s fine !! but do not spam here or waste other peoples
time by just or only promoting your content !

(Raju Choudhary) #8

@warezstuffdl Hi i am Not share this app for any promotion. I share this app because if you want to create this type of app then i will help you for creating your android app. I am also run my website on WordPress and i face many problems to create android app so i don’t want that any other users face these problems. Please check my app first if you like my app than contact me.

(Rohit Kadian) #9

and what’s that ??..

(Derek Price) #10

Get Harsh’s team to create you an android app. He provides this service.

(Manish) #11

This one will help you for better app !

Buy >

check documentation and build your app !

Requirement :-
Android Studio
4 GB Ram
i3 processor

You can run it on 2 gb ram too but it will make your pc slow when you using android stuido.

(Saurabh Maurya) #14

Hey I like your app… Can you help me building mine😊