How to get this type table

(Karthi Keyan) #1

How to get this type table

(Gaurav Singh) #2

Did you try TablePress plugin? It is one of the best WordPress plugins used for making tables. By the way, I am not sure which plugin/code is used to create that screenshot table.

(Abdul Razak) #3

It’s a manual coding work. I done the same seeing this.

(Abdul Razak) #4

It’s a coded work bro

(Gaurav Singh) #5

Yeah, I think so :slight_smile:

(Karthi Keyan) #6

Thanks! But I don’t know coding. Any tutorial?


Come in pm. :slight_smile:

(Sazzadul Bari) #8

Just use Ninja Tables plugin, if you haven’t solved the problem yet…!