How to generate Amazon universal ads links


If the user is from another country and clicked on the Amazon product ads he or she will be redirect to their own country Amazon store and in this case there is no chance of getting commission from that particular product.
Could Shouters please tell how to generate Amazon ads link that works in every country
Thank you :slight_smile:


Use Amazon onelink. That works for every country except India.


Could you please elloborate more where to get this how to get this :slight_smile:


It is very simple. Just go to every country amazon associates site… like for UK go to and sign up for their affiliate program using the same email as that of the US site.

Do this for every country program.

Then go to your account and link every country store from that account. Then they will give you a small script. Put that script in the Footer of your site and all links will start redirecting the users to their country Amazon site.

Search for Amazon onelink and there you will find step by step instructions.


Thank you so much Saksham , I will definitely try this :slight_smile:


Hello @Saksham_Kumar could you please elloborate how do I get payments if the user is redirected to UK store then where the commission goes into the UK associated account or US Primary account ?


It will go to UK account. For payments, set up the payment method in the UK account also.


@Saksham_Kumar. :sneezing_face:


Thats sucks if it is so then I will never able to complete to threshold as users are from different countries and each country associated account has own payment details.
Is there other way around by we can club all the earnings? @Saksham_Kumar


No you cannot do that. For UK, earnings will be in Euro. For Canada, earnings will be in Canadian dollars. So, each will have separate account and payment details.

If you have users mainly from US then don’t use onelink. I also stopped using it as earnings were not so good and that script slows down my site a lot. :expressionless:


I have user from Canada, US, UK and Italy as well. Any other alternative to club all the earnings. Please suggest if there any other way @Saksham_Kumar


There is no way as even if you don’t use Amazon onelink or use some third party service for this, then they will also redirect the users to every country respective Amazon stores.

And if you have users from these countries then what is the problem? Just use onelink and receive the payment through Payoneer. The threshold for UK is also only €10.


Thanks Saksham really appreciate your help :slight_smile:
Amazon has payment method that is by check and another is Amazon gift card
Where to use Payoneer?


Choose direct bank transfer.


Thank you so much for your help :slight_smile: