How to Deal with the 404 Error for Search Engine Optimization

(Apna Sutra) #1

I buy 1 expired domain name. Also i submit my site to google search Console. But now i have getting hug amount of 404 error (app.3400). This all 404 error link is not mine. So friends how to Deal with it ?

(Rohan Kumar) #2

Redirect all page to homepage by editing.htacess file or just ignore them

(Apna Sutra) #3

Hi Rohan

Thank you for reply

What .htacess code is i add to…

(Vishwajeet Kumar) #4

Redirect all of your 404 pages to the homepage. There are many plugins available which can do for you.

(Expro Academy) #5

Redirect your old URL to new URL through 301 redirect in .htaccess file

(FforFree) #6

or you can create your own custom 404 page and generate revenue and more site visits…

(myilraj) #7

Just add the following line in your htaccess file.

RewriteEngine on
Redirect 301 /404page your-domain-url-here

You should add all the pages using the above method.