How much Google organic search traffic your website/blog is getting per day

(faruque ahamed mollick) #1

I want to know how many Google organic search traffic you are getting per day.m now getting everyday 30+ Google organic search traffic on my blog. And what about yours?

(Solomon Afolayan) #2

Hahaha, my blog is still nothing for now, I’m even ashamed to mention it cos if I do, you will be too sorry for me. My Domain Authority and Page Authority are way too low…

(Pruthviraj Patil) #3

4k per day!!! Not a lot but good one for 4.5 months old blog!!!

(Keren Blau) #4

Actually depends on the page. I have a couple of posts that get higher search numbers, but it’s all relative. Like @Solodeji mentioned, with lower authority numbers you get, well, lower everything. :open_mouth:

(Jagtar Gill) #5

@Pruthviraj_Patil that is very impressive any secret about this number?

(Pruthviraj Patil) #6

Content!!! And there is no secret!!!

(Jeba Princy) #7

20K per day.

(FforFree) #8

About 5-7k per day

(Solomon Afolayan) #9

Wow! Pls show me your way, I’m envious! Wanna be like you!

(Solomon Afolayan) #10

How are you people getting all these? I’m far far far far far and far below your numbers! Pls show me your ways and let me follow.

(Solomon Afolayan) #11

Nobody wants to give dofollow link, even though I produce good contents daily. My DA=10, PA=18…they are just way too low for good traffic

(Arshi) #12

DA PA do not decide or generate traffic. My 5 month old website has a DA of 7 and PA 27, yet it ranks high for almost every keywords i’ve worked on. Content matters the most and of course, competition

(Solomon Afolayan) #13

Pls lecture me, give me more enlightenment. You can also check on my blog, I might be doing something wrong…Check my blog here. Thanks